Heaven Sent


(Banner Art by Kittyinaz)

*A special thank you to everyone who read, reviewed and voted!!!*

Summary: Shortly after the conclusion of the Witch War, Claudine finds herself haunted by recurring nightmares and decides she needs to take a more hands on approach with her ward for both their sakes…

Category: Supernatural, Drama/Romance

Coupling: Eric/Sookie

Beta’d by: kleannhouse


*Song Inspiration- ‘Ashes of Eden’ – Breaking Benjamin*


Anna Paquin
Alexander Skarsgard
Katie McGrath
Ian Somerhalder

Click The Image Above To Read ‘Heaven Sent’



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    1. LOL!! It might help if I actually link to the right page, huh!?! Haha! Thanks for the head’s up! Should be working now…sorry about that… 🙂

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